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  • Kennesaw's location has a lower cost of living
  • World class research opportunities
  • Nationally ranked business programs


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Atlanta is a great city to be in at the cost of living and cost of making business as well. So a lot of new companies coming. And actually, Atlanta is the number four in how many headquarters of Fortune-500 companies we have.

So a graduate student in our program will have an opportunity to work with and work on relevant problems and work in an environment that is well supported for student success. We have federally funded laboratories. We have major instrumentation. Our students present at conferences, nationally as well as internationally.

Our graduates from this program have gone on to PhD programs. Our students not only do good work here, but they go on to do great work.

One of the main reasons a student should choose a graduate program has to do with the quality of that program. Really, the quality of the program has to do with the experience. What happens when you're in the classroom? What's the interaction with that faculty member like? What is the curriculum? Is it relevant? Is it something that you're going to be able to use, and use at work tomorrow?

We want to make sure that our courses are accessible, that they're convenient. And we want to make sure that the offering of our classes and the electives that we have-- that that offering is relevant to our students.

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