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  • Access to Atlanta based Fortune 500 companies.
  • Access International Atlanta based Fortune 500 companies.
  • Large consulting firms located in the region.

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Most of the time students pursue graduate education, especially graduate business education, because they want to advance their career. You know, they may have an undergraduate degree in a certain area and they want to expand beyond that particular area. So they want to dive deep into a master's and accounting program, or a master's in healthcare informatics, or in a MSIS program. They want to dig deeper into a specific area.

But in almost all situations students come to graduate business education because they want to advance their career. And part of what we can offer them is certainly the experience that they have in the classroom. We also want to make sure that our students know how to navigate to that next level of their career. So we provide professional career counseling for them. There's resume workshops. There are networking workshops where they can learn really what is that next career step for them.

I am starting with EY, it is the third largest accounting firm in the world. I was born and raised in Indiana, Fort Wayne, Indiana. But I actually grew up here. And it allowed me to know who I am so that I could actually contribute to society and pursue my passion and my career.

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