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What is Humanities at KSU

  • World class centers and facilities.
  • In-person and Online.
  • Study Abroad opportunities in most programs.


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KSU's College of Humanities and Social Sciences, we have criminal justice. We have programs in international policy management. We have programs in conflict management. We have a PhD in international conflict management, heavy research in those areas, as well as mediation training in those areas, both online, hybrid, and in-person classes that can be taken at any given time. We have programs in global communications and internet communications that are part of that as well.

We have a Center for Conflict Management that's actually a part of the School of Conflict Management, Peacebuilding, and Development. The Center for Conflict Management has been a real engine of creativity, but it's also been a great place for practitioners. We do a lot of mediation trainings throughout the year, throughout the state of Georgia. I think it's become probably one of the premier places to get conflict management training in the Southeast.

We have two, I think, unique and really interesting dual degree programs. You had a lot of students coming into our conflict management program who said they really wanted the business skills and they wanted the recognition of an MBA. And we were having students from the MBA program come to us and saying, we're learning a lot of technical skills, but we're not really getting a lot of the soft skills that we'd like to have. So this was a way to combine those two things together and create something that is unique anywhere in the world.

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