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  • Job opportunities across both profit and non-profit areas.
  • Program reputations move you to the top of the interview list.
  • Dual degree programs with MBA.


The students from Kennesaw State, they tend to go wherever they want. And I know that sounds a little funny, but we have students who come from other countries into our program, we have students from the US. And they get jobs in corporations, they get jobs in nonprofits, they get jobs in local government, they get jobs in schools.

So there's a range of possibilities with this graduate degree. And we have people coming to us and saying, when are you going to get more students like this student because we're ready to hire them. That's really good, and that feels really great as a faculty member to be able to do that for students and for the community and the alumni.

We pride ourselves in preparing people for doing real things, difficult things, addressing the challenges that people face in the world. A PhD student who was a chief, or who is a chief in Ghana, he has gone back to Ghana and he's going to be helping people there to address land disputes without violence. And so we're very much of a practice-oriented program, a practice-oriented school. But we also train people in how to do rigorous research.