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Experience KSU, Atlanta, and Georgia

  • Metropolitan but without the traffic.
  • Natural beauty from mountains to beaches.
  • Student-Professor interaction and mentoring.


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Kennesaw State University has a couple of advantages. One, we are within the Atlanta metro area, but we're not within the perimeter. So you get the advantages of easy quick access to everything that Atlanta has to offer.

You don't have to deal with the traffic. Housing's a little bit cheaper out here. You have access to concerts. You have access to world class sports events. There's always conventions. There's always things happening here in Atlanta.

We are close to the areas of nature that attract a lot of people to North Georgia. Kennesaw Mountain, the North Georgia Mountains, the Appalachians. And then of course the sea is only two hours away. As well as some great national landmarks that are in South Carolina, and in Savannah.

The winters are light compared to other areas of the country. And the amount of cold only lasts for about 30 days. And that's only around 32 degrees.

For the professional side, a master's student here will also enjoy relationships with faculty at Georgia Tech, Emory, Morehouse. Being here allows you to have the best of both worlds.

It's a slightly smaller environment. There's a much better, tighter relationship with professors and students here. And one thing that we have that we can offer is we can give them an opportunity to work on and work with cutting edge problems, and top of the line instrumentation.

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