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What is STEM at KSU

  • Dedicated facilities and campus.
  • Access to large targeted job markets.
  • Online programming.
  • Career changing STEM fields.


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Stem programs basically touch almost everything we do in our lives. The medical field, hospitals. We have a train system here in Atlanta. Somebody has to make sure that things operate as they should, and that the trains run on time. It's really difficult to think of an area that is not touched by STEM.

Marietta campus is focused on STEM. We have three colleges here. My college, computing, and software engineering. [inaudible] Engineering College. And College of Construction and Architecture.

What makes the STEM program stand out? First, obviously it's jobs. Jobs. Jobs. There are plenty of jobs in the field, and they are good jobs.

Secondly, we have online courses. We have hybrid classes. We have on-campus classes. You can do whatever fits your schedule the best.

My undergraduate background is political science, and they allow students from non computer science or IT undergraduate backgrounds to come in and take foundation level courses, receive a certificate, and then continue to take IT courses. So it made it convenient, and easy, and accessible for me to redirect my path and start fresh.

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