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  • Varied research with national leaders in the field.
  • Online programs taught by full-time faculty.
  • Cross-discipline research and collaboration.


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One thing that makes this program a great program in integrative biology is the fact that we have faculty with such diverse interests and we have a wide variety of expertises. And so a student that comes through our program will have exposure to a wide variety of techniques, problems, ways of looking at things. And as a result, because of the way we've grown, because of the faculty cohort that we have, we have a very collaborative aspect to getting things done here, which you just don't see at a lot of other places.

The majority of our online masters degree courses are taught by full-time faculty members, all of whom have industry experience, and the remainder are taught by adjuncts, sometimes from different states, but they also have extensive industry experience.

We have a very strong team in our department. We often work together. We write papers together. We exchange our experience in terms of teaching. Basically, we work together to improve our teaching experience.