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Success Stories

  • Huge regional job growth creates opportunities.
  • Long and short term internships, multiple OPT choices.
  • Research at all levels of graduate work.

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So a student that comes here knows that they're going to be supported. They're going to have that much better a shot at a good career once they leave our program and move on into the field, whether they become a major scientist in an industry or an academic setting or go on to another career but build on that degree program. One of my own graduate students, as a matter of fact, now is running the microbiology lab for a couple of the biotech startups in the Atlanta area. So there's opportunities for students to get jobs right out of here from their respective degree program.

I have been able to apply for internships and positions that I couldn't have dreamed of applying for six months ago, before I started this program. So it's very encouraging for me. And I'm very excited to see what the future holds for me.

There are research opportunities across all of our master's degree programs. All faculty members are involved in their own research. And at least at times, they involve master's degree students within that research. Graduate students also have their own research assignments that are mandatory that aren't necessarily for publication but are part of the courses that they take.

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