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What is Business at KSU

  • In person and Online MBA.
  • Accounting, MBA, Information Systems, PhD in Business Administration.
  • Healthcare Management and Infomatics.

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The Coles College of Business is the second largest business school in the state of Georgia. So graduate programs in the Coles College of Business provide a variety of different contexts, from health care to MBA to doctoral education.

Our learning environment, we have some classrooms that are dedicated to graduate education. And our classrooms have the technology that our students need to be successful. We have exceptional faculty members who care passionately about the classroom. And we offer our programs in a way that is convenient to our students, both in terms of time and format of delivery.

So we partner with a number of other colleges at the university to create what's called a dual degree. So students can take the core requirements in the MBA program, they can take the core requirements in another graduate program, and then also kind of combine their electives and actually end up with two master's degrees.

We have an amazing online offering for our students. Our online MBA program, the Georgia WebMBA this program is ranked number 19th in the nation by US News & World Report. And Georgia WebMBA is actually a consortium of six schools in Georgia that have come together to offer this online program for our students.

Online classes that you can take, they allow you to work at your own pace. And you're able to either read or do whatever you need to do for that class on your own time.

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