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  • Personalized mentoring from business experts.
  • Bespoke facilities for graduate business students.
  • Concierge level service.


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One of the greatest assets that we have as an institution is the experience of our faculty. Graduate students, for the most part, have been in the business world. They are out working. They have a lot of demands on their time. And they want to make sure that the experience that they are having is a really relevant experience, that it's going to impact them and they go to work on Monday.

Many of our faculty have worked in the business world. Many of our faculty continue to interact with the business world on a regular basis. Their ability to communicate and bring that knowledge back into the classroom and to have a real impact on the students creates for a very vibrant learning environment for the students.

The faculty is very supportive in everything that you do. Whenever you ask a question, they like to guide you to the answers instead of telling you what the answers are. So it's not necessarily saying, this is the way that it is. It's saying, challenge what you've learned in your undergrad.

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